How do I use the Boolean search option in LibrarySearch?

boolean search for social and policy not economic

Boolean search operators can be used in Advanced Search box. Boolean operators allow you to combine search terms using the following commands:

  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT
  • NEAR


Boolean search Every search result will have
social AND policy Both "social" and "policy" 
social OR policy Either "social" or "policy"
social NOT policy "Social" but not "policy"
social NEAR/2 policy Both "Policy" and "social".  "Policy" will appear within two words before or after "social"
social ONEAR/2 policy Both "Policy" and "social".  "Policy" will appear within two words after "social"

For more information on using all the many features and functions of LibrarySearch, have a look at this guide on using the new system.

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