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Connect to Covidence

How to join the University of Toronto Libraries' Covidence institutional license

To request access to the institutional account in Covidence, you must use your current UTORONTO email address (e.g.
  1.  Go to the Covidence Signup
  2.  Enter your information (using your UTORONTO email address) and click "Request Invitation" link
  3.  Accept the invitation in your email
  4.  Log in to your existing Covidence account or sign up for a new account.

Users with accounts:

If you have already joined the University of Toronto Libraries' Covidence account, you can proceed directly to

Important note about uploading of full text of articles:

Note that University of Toronto reviewers are cautioned to NOT upload the full text of articles obtained through University of Toronto Libraries’ subscriptions or document delivery to Covidence due to licensing and copyright restrictions. You may upload the full text of articles when they have been made available under terms and conditions which permit this use, such as by an open license. Please contact the Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office ( with any questions regarding sharing licensed intellectual property.