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Mission statement

The mission of the University of Toronto Library is to foster the search for knowledge and understanding in the University and the wider community. To this end, we shall provide innovative services and comprehensive access to information founded upon our developing resources as one of the leading research libraries in the world. Read the University of Toronto Libraries' Charting our Future Strategic Plan 2013–2018

Statement of Service Values

  • We are responsive to our user communities
  • We listen and treat each other with respect
  • We are committed to delivery of services in a helpful and courteous manner
  • We are committed to providing accessible and reliable services which are instructive, accurate and timely
  • We are committed to acquiring, organizing, preserving and enhancing the value of our resources
  • We are committed to delivering information using the most effective technologies available
  • We are committed to maintaining, with both the University and our users, a clean, attractive and secure library environment
  • We are committed to working together as a team, sharing information and expertise
  • We share a commitment to learning in order to enhance our capabilities to provide good service