How do I apply for a carrel?

Robarts Library

Complete the online application form or stop by the Carrel Office and someone can assist you in completing the form. 

New applications are accepted all year round, and carrels and lockers may be allocated, or names added to the waiting list, at any time. However, all unsuccessful applications for a given academic year are cleared by April 30th, and only those applications submitted from May 1st onward are considered for the subsequent year’s assignments. So, all those applicants who did not obtain a carrel by April 30th but still desire a carrel for the subsequent academic year must submit a new application as of May 1st.

All current carrel occupants must submit an application between May 1st and August 30th in order to renew their occupancy for the subsequent academic year.

Most carrel assignments and renewals are completed during the early portion of the fall session.

Gerstein Science Information Centre

Eligible Physical and Life Sciences graduate students can complete the online application form. Any application received later than the end of August will be treated as a late application.

Kelly Library (St. Michael's College)

Eligible Faculty of Theology Advanced Degree students can complete the application form and submit it to the Student Services Officer (Rm 307 Muzzo Alumni Hall) by the second Friday of September.

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