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Copy, print, scan

Copying and printing require that you add funds to your TCard, or purchase a Guest card. More information about adding funds to cards.

Copy  Print  Guest cards  |  Scan  |  3D printing at Robarts or Gerstein3D scanning


Photocopying costs $0.10 per page. Find a photocopier in the central libraries.

You must comply with the Provost's Fair Dealing Guidelines when you photocopy copyright-protected works.


Most libraries have printers. Find a printer in the central libraries. Most libraries accept your TCard or guest print/copy card at a cost of $0.15 per page for a black and white page. Colour print jobs are more expensive, sometimes $1 per page.

Send a document to the printers from one of the library's computers or from your laptop at selected locations.

Who needs a guest card to print or copy?

Anyone with a:


Scanning is free at most libraries.  You will need a USB key to scan. Find a scanner at one of the central libraries or check with individual libraries about where their scanners are located.

3D printing at Robarts Digital Studio or Gerstein's MADLab

3D printer


3D printing at the Robarts Digital Studio

The Robarts Digital Studio is equipped with 2 LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printers. All students, faculty, and staff who hold a valid TCard can use the 3D Printers in the Robarts Digital Studio.

How do I use the printers?

  1. Obtain certification to operate the 3D printers at the certification course in the Digital Studio
  2. Sign safety and liability waivers
  3. Pass a 3D printing knowledge test
  4. Reserve a 3D printer through the group study room booking website
  5. See more details on 3D printing in the Robarts Digital Studio

3D printing at Gerstein Science Information Centre's MADLab

How do I use the printer?

  1. Obtain certification - 3D printing certified
  2. Reserve time with the MADLab 3D printer at Gerstein Science Information Centre (Room B112)
  3. It costs $1.50 for each half hour reserved on the printer
  4. More information about MADLab

3D scanning

How do I use the scanner?

  1. Make an appointment to use the 3D scanner at Gerstein Science Information Centre's MADLab (Room B112)
  2. Do so by emailing or
  3. It's free to use, but we recommend you get 3D printing certified first
  4. More information