Is it possible to export PDFs to EndNote directly from a database search?

I'm searching in Medline and I can export the citations successfully, but the PDFs don't appear. Can you help?

Please note that the full-text pdf does not export at the same time as the citation information from a database. This will be a separate step, using EndNote's Find Full-Text feature.

Once the citations are in your EndNote library:

  • Select the desired reference(s)
  • Choose Find Full Text under the References tab
  • EndNote will link to the U of T Libraries collections, and find and attach full text pdfs to the citation record(s), if available

Keep in mind:

  • Your EndNote preferences must be correctly set up first. For instructions, please see Find Full Text in the EndNote guide
  • EndNote cannot retrieve pdfs where there are multiple copies of articles through various providers. When this happens, you may need to search separately for the full-text article, save the PDF file, and and manually attach each PDF to citation records in EndNote. Here are some tips on how to find PDFs of full-text articles.

See also the full EndNote guide

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