I've been using the UpToDate mobile app, and now it's asking me to authenticate. How do I do this?

UpToDate is available for current University of Toronto students only.

To maintain remote access to UpToDate (on your computer, and on the mobile app), UpToDate needs to know that you are still affiliated with the University of Toronto. Every 90 days, follow these steps to re-verify your U of T affiliation:

Step 1) On your personal computer or smartphone, both on or off-campus (or on a library computer on campus), access UpToDate via the library homepage  > UptoDate 

Step 2) On the following page, click the Connect to this resource link, then login using your UTORID and password

Step 3) On the UpToDate login screen, login with your personal UpToDate username and password 

Now when you go back to your UpToDate app, you should be able to login with your personal UpToDate username and password.

(Click here to find other ways to verify your affiliation).



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