What can and can’t I do in my carrel?

Welcome to your carrel! You will be assigned a card with your name and carrel number, which you must display in the window of the carrel. If you do not display the card, the carrel may be considered vacant.

When you take possession of your carrel, we will apprise you of the regulations about how to use it.

What you can do in your carrel

  • Work or research quietly
  • Store books checked out to you
  • Decorate as long as you do not block the window of the door as this interferes with staff monitoring and is a safety hazard in case of an emergency or building evacuation

What you can not do in your carrel

  • Eat
  • Smoke
  • Talk
  • Make coffee or tea
  • Use it as an office

Although the library expects you, as a concerned user, to follow these regulations, carrels and lockers are monitored regularly by library staff.

Severe violations will result in loss of carrel privileges.

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