Who is eligible for a closed carrel?

According to priorities established by the School of Graduate Studies, those eligible include:

  • Graduate students
  • Faculty members
  • Visiting scholars and post-doctoral fellows

Graduate students in the third year of their PhD and beyond have first priority.  Currently, SGS has a three-year limit on carrel use for those in Priority 1 (third year and beyond), but this time need not be used consecutively.  Those in lower years of the PhD may also apply without using their three-year allotment.  The three-year limit is activated only when you reach Priority 1.  A summary of assignment policies established by SGS is available on the library’s carrel services page.

Often, there is a shortage of quiet work space for researchers at the University, especially close to library resources.  Therefore, those who find that they are not utilizing this space regularly are encouraged to relinquish it to those of the community who are in greater need.  The library and SGS wish to allocate this precious study space as equitably as possible to those with the greatest needs.

Robarts Library

Closed carrels are available to researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions (Divisions I and II) of the School of Graduate Studies.

Gerstein Science Information Centre

Closed carrels are available to researchers in the Physical and Life Science Divisions (Divisions III and IV) of the School of Graduate Studies.

Kelly Library (St. Michael's College)

Carrels for the use of Advanced Degree students who are registered in the Faculty of Theology at the University of St. Michael’s College are available in the Kelly Library.

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