Expense Reimbursement

Expense Reimbursement

Expense reimbursements should only be used when other forms of payment are unavailable. They require one up approval and should only be used for expenses personally incurred.  

To claim an expense reimbursement:

Complete the Personal Expense Reimbursement form (available on this site and also on the staff intranet), in accordance with the University Travel Policy and Regulations.  Please note that all claims should be supported with original receipts. Once the form is completed, attach the original receipts, obtain your supervisor’s signature, and address the package to: Finance, 2nd floor, Robarts (or place it in the mail slot labelled “Items for Payment and Processing” in the Library Administration office, 2nd floor, Robarts).  Claims are due within 3 weeks of the completion of the expense-related activity and should always be claimed within the appropriate fiscal reporting period.  Contact: Peter Wilson.

Per Diem Rates

We no longer provide this service for travel claims.  See the current maximum allowance to claim meals on your expense reimbursement form.