How can I tell what discipline a journal article is from?

My professor says that I need to use articles from psychological journals. I've found an article on my topic, but I'm not sure if the journal that it comes from qualifies as psychological.

This question applies to any discipline, not just psychology.  There are several strategies that can help you determine the discipline of a journal.

Check Ulrich's Periodical Directory.

If you look up the journal title in Ulrich's, the "subject classification" information will show the journal's primary discipline(s).

screenshot of ulrich's journal detailed information

Look at the journal's homepage.

Most journals have an official website that explains the scope and discipline of the journal.  To find it, Google the journal's full title, it should be one of the first few hits.  Ulrich's also lists the official journal homepage.

Find it in LibrarySearch

When you find your journal in LibrarySearch, click on the title to view all of the journal's details.  Scroll down to see the subjects assigned to the journal.

screenshot of subjects in journal record details

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