File recovery

At logout, files left on the Desktop and in the Documents folder may be cached for up to 72 hours. They are cached to allow document recovery should a computer crash during use, be inadvertently logged out, or you forget to save your files to a USB key, email, or web storage.

Files are securely cached so that other users cannot access your data.

To access your documents, return to the same computer and log in with the UTORid that was used to create the files. Cached files will be restored automatically.

If you cannot access the computer (someone else may be using it) and need to recover a file, write down which computer you were using and visit the Help Desk to see if your file can be recovered on your behalf. The computer name is on the bottom right corner of the desktop and is three letters followed by 3 numbers (eg. ICW001).

Please note, this is not a storage service.  Cached files may be deleted without notice as part of normal computer maintenance. If you wish to ensure you retain your personal files, copy your files to a USB device or email the file to yourself before you log out.