UTORMFA Hardware Token

The Licensed Software Office distributes hardware tokens that have been selected for use with the UTORMFA service. This is an alternative for those who do not have the option to use a mobile device with the Duo Mobile app.

For background and technical information about the service as well as how to self-enroll using a mobile device see https://isea.utoronto.ca/services/utormfa/.


St.George students can pick up at hardware token at the Help Desk at Robarts Library. The first hardware token is free and there is no shipping option. The second hardware token is $25 and can be purchased at software.utoronto.ca. The hardware token will be assigned and enabled at pick up.

Faculty and Staff

Description SKU Price Per Token
UTORMFA Hardware Token - Pickup from Help Desk at Robarts Library UTORMFAPU1 $29

Order a UTORMFA Hardware Token

Faculty and Staff should first consult local IT staff or a Business Officer to determine if a hardware token has already been purchased for use. For individuals located at UTSC contact helpdesk@utsc.utoronto.ca. For individuals located at UTM contact helpdesk.utm@utoronto.ca.

1) How to Purchase

Hardware tokens can be purchased via:

2) Purchase Options

Token purchase with Pickup from Help Desk at Robarts Library

Single or multiple hardware tokens can be purchased and picked up from the Information Commons Help Desk on the first floor of Robarts Library located at 130 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A5. Please check the Help Desk website for walk-in desk hours.

3) Pickup

With the increase in return to working on campus, as well as significant cost increase in shipping, we have discontinued the shipping option for hardware tokens. Departments can purchase and pickup tokens from Robarts library and mail them to their Faculty and Staff.

After purchsse, the LSO will confirm with with the purchaser who is picking up the token. That person will need to present identification at the time of pickup.

4) Turn on UTORMFA

Once the token has been delivered or provided to the recipient, they will need to book a video appointment with the Information Commons Help Desk to verify identity and turn on UTORMFA for their account. For those picking up a token from the Help Desk at Robarts Library, it can be assigned at the time of pickup or at a later date using the booking site below.

Booking Site


What You Need

  1. A workstation with a microphone and camera for identity verification.
  2. Two pieces of government issued ID.
  3. The serial number located on the back of the hardware token.

Token information / Battery life

The token does not plug into a USB port and has an internal battery. The expected life of the battery is 5 years. When the battery has been depleted a new token would need to be purchased. It is a HMAC-based one-time password (HOTP) type token.