Photocopies are $0.10 per page in black and white.  All copiers accept TCards, alumni cards, library cards, or guest cards, with the exception of the Math Library photocopier. Your card must have a money on it to print.

Scanning to USB is free and does not require a card.


Library Location in the library Number Scans to USB?
Robarts 1st Floor 1 Yes
Robarts 3rd Floor 1 Yes
Robarts 4th Floor – Not available due to renovations 1 Yes
Robarts 5th Floor, Map and Data Library – Check availability with the Map and Data Library 1 Yes
Robarts 8th Floor, East Asian Library – Check availability with the East Asian Library 1 Yes
Robarts 9th Floor  1 Yes
Robarts 10th Floor 1 Yes
Robarts 12th Floor  1 Yes
Robarts 13th Floor 1 Yes
Earth Sciences Main floor – Check availability with Earth Sciences Library 1 Yes
Engineering Main floor 1 Yes
Gerstein Main floor – Check availability with Gerstein 2 Yes
Gerstein Short Term Loan – Check availability with Gerstein 1 Yes
Math Main floor – Check availability with Math Library 1 No
OISE Concourse – Check availability with OISE Library 1 Yes
OISE 2nd floor – Check availability with OISE Library 1 Yes


The University of Toronto Libraries are committed to providing the highest level of service to all U of T community members. Services for persons with disabilities can assist those with special needs.

If you are registered with Accessibility Services and experience difficulty using the photocopy machines, you can ask library staff to make a limited number of copies for you. We can also help you use the photocopiers at Gerstein on the main floor or at Robarts on the third floor at no additional charge. We can also provide large print photocopies upon request.

For Fall 2021 & Winter 2022 terms, please check with Accessibility Services at

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–Updated March 3, 2022