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Robarts Library stack guide: Floors 9–13

Robarts stacks are open only to current U of T students & faculty as of January 10, 2022. Tenth floor stacks will be closed repairs for the morning of January 24.

Current U of T students, faculty, and staff may access the Robarts Library book stacks with a valid University of Toronto TCard. Stacks access is not available for alumni or external borrowers.

The elevators on the first floor (P1–P3) will take you to the stacks during open hours.  The stacks are closed during Robarts' extended hours.

Find a book  |  Computers & wifi  |  Group study rooms  |  B2 & Oversize areas


Find a book in the stacks

Once you’ve found a item in the library catalogue showing a location of ROBARTS STACKS, look at the first letter(s) of the call number to know which floor to go to. 

Once you get to the right floor, look at the labeled ends of each shelf row to find the section that has your item.

9th floor

AC–AZ    |    B–BX    |    C–CT    |    D    |    Oversize

10th floor

DA–DX    |    E    |    F–FC

11th floor

G–GV    |    H–HX    |    J–JZ    |    K–KZD

12th floor

L–LT    |    M–MT    |    N–NX    |    P–PM

13th floor

PN–PT    |    TR,TT    |    U–UH    |   V–VM    |    Z–ZA

More about finding books in the stacks


Computers & wifi

Find an available computer in the stacks and log on with your UTORid

All of our computers have Microsoft Office except those that only access the library catalogue.

Connect to the UofT wireless network on your laptop or mobile device.with your UTORid.

[Services below not currently available for alumni, external borrowers, or members of the public.]

  • Anyone with stack access can use our LIRA workstations
  • Direct borrowers can log in to any computer in the stacks with:
    • Username: $ then the library number printed on your card (ex. $29184749)
    • Your library PIN number
  • Visitors with a short-term visitors stack pass can log in to any computer with the guest account issued at the 1st floor Information Desk
  • Faculty, staff, and students from other universities can join the eduroam wireless network if your university subscribesmap of the group study rooms on each of 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 floors of Robarts Library


Group study rooms

  • Floors 9–13 contain group study rooms on each floor
  • They are named: Harbord, Sussex, St. George – see adjacent map
  • Four of the rooms on each floor – shown as named rooms on the map – can be booked in advance
  • Fall 2021: Only 2 persons may be present in a group study room


Special areas of the stacks

Robarts storage (B2)

  • Old Class collection
    Exception: Selected Old class journals, which are in the BLUE section on the 9th floor, ranges 6–1
  • Old Class Oversize
    Exception: Old Class journals, which are in the BLUE section on the 9th floor, range 14
  • Select call numbers marked as "STORAGE"

Request items from Robarts storage through the library catalogue or at the Loans Services Desk on the 1st floor, since only library staff have access to this area.

Oversize material

  • All Oversize LC class material is located on the 9th floor, on flat shelving in ranges 15–48 of the BLUE section
  • Some oversize Old Class journals are located on flat shelving in range 14 of the BLUE section
  • Book "dummies" in the stacks identify items that have been moved to the oversize section

–Updated January 19, 2022